Website Design Step 1: “Identifying The Goal Of Your Website”

We are going to start a series to help give small businesses insight into what makes a good website design. A properly constructed website can take your business to the next level and improve your online presence. The key is getting the website design right. Over the next eight weeks, we will talk about the four major elements of a good website and how to turn your website into a major asset for your business.

This week, we are going to take a look at website purpose and how to identify your goals and what success looks like for your website.

Coming Up-
Week 2- Content
Week 3- Visuals
Week 4- Structure and Navigation
Week 5- Sales and Lead Generation
Week 6- Social Media
Week 7- Making Google Happy
Week 8- Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Site

Site Purpose-

It does not matter if you already have a successful site, a site that needs some TLC, or if you are just starting to build your site, you need to know the purpose of your website. There are two concepts to correctly identify the purpose of your website: 1. Defining the goal for the website. 2. Identifying what value a customer would want from your website with that goal in mind.

Identifying The Goal Of Your Website-

There is a very simple way to find the true goal of your website and that is the “but why exercise”. All you need to do is start with what you think the goal of the website should be and then ask yourself, but why? Keep asking yourself but why until it no longer makes sense to answer then you most likely have a well-defined goal or purpose for your website.

Here is an example-
I was working with a client and we were in the process of defining a purpose for his website and to set the proper goals. When we started the question was asked, what is the purpose of redesigning your website? He answered, to make it look better. But Why? It looks bad. But Why Does It Matter? People are probably not staying on the page. But Why does it matter if people stay on the page? We want them on our website to know more about our business. But Why? So that we can generate new leads from a source we currently are not utilizing.

We had our answer: the purpose of the website was to generate qualified leads and provide a new source of clientele for the customer. With that specific purpose, we were able to create tangible goals, build a business avatar, and redesign the website to meet the customer’s exact purpose.

Once you have a solid purpose for your website the next step is to identify what value you can provide your ideal avatar so that you can ensure you meet the goals of your website.

Bringing the Value-

The next step is figuring out what will attract and keep the people you want on your website. The client we were working with wanted qualified leads so we had to get in the head of a lead and figure out what value we could bring them.

Once you understand what is important to your online business’ avatar, you can properly start setting up your website to attract and convert the right type of people.

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Next week we will talk about content and how to properly utilize step one to produce top quality, converting content.

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