The Importance of Updating Your Company’s Website


These days, the importance of having a strong web presence is more crucial than ever. Companies are constantly trying to increase their online presence in order to attract new customers. With all of the different options to get better online recognition, it all starts with a website. A website can make or break a customer’s decision to choose your company, so it is extremely important to put a lot of thought into the Web design, development, and implementation of your website.

Companies looking to compete online and keep their brand relevant have to focus on these four things:

  1. Mobile Responsive Design
  2. Updating Website Design
  3. Use Fresh & Relevant Content
  4. Enhancing Security


According to Google, not having a mobile-friendly website is equivalent to shutting down business for one day a week. This is due to the increasing number of people visiting websites while on the go, using their mobile phones. In fact, two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone and 87 percent of millennials own a smartphone. On top of this, most web traffic comes from mobile devices. Using computers to search the internet has become a thing of the past. If you want to take your company to the next level, making your website mobile-friendly is paramount.

Test your website here to make sure your website is responsive.



As we all know, first impressions are very important. When your customers are trying to learn more about your company, they will almost always visit your website first and then decide if they want to conduct business with you.  Since this is so crucial, you need to make sure you send the right message and ensure your customers feel comfortable when navigating your site.

It’s important to note that “updating” your website can come in many forms. Updating doesn’t mean you have to change every single item on your website. You can take existing content and re-structure it so your customers can understand it more easily.



One of the biggest mistakes companies can make is letting their website get stagnant.  

Since most people like some variety and don’t want to always look at the same thing over and over again, customers will enjoy some new and exciting content when they visit your website. This doesn’t mean that you have to update it every day, but if you have a website that hasn’t been updated since it was first created, this will create problems. 

The biggest of these problems is the negative status your website will have with popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. These websites have complex algorithms that scan the internet and look for websites that are providing new content on their pages. If you can manage to add some new content to your site at least once a month, this will go a long way towards increasing your web presence.



Although often overlooked, the security of your website is a very big deal.  If your website has security flaws, customers will be reluctant to interact with your website.  

One of the most common threats – Malware – can have devastating effects on your website.  Malware can be used to steal customer information such as names, emails, credit card information, and other transactional data.  However, even if a security breach doesn’t trigger a data breach, it can still have devastating effects on user trust.  

It is paramount that you keep the confidence of your users in order to get them to continually visit and engage with your website.