Customized Mobile Applications

iOS & Android Mobile App Development Services in Baltimore, MD

Introduce a new way for customers to interact with your business with a custom app developed just for your company. We develop mobile apps for Android and iOS Systems. 

Android and iOs App Development

We are a Full Service Mobile App Development Company in Baltimore

Our Baltimore App Developers have experience creating and deploying native mobile apps for a variety of industries. Our specialties include iOS and Android mobile apps.

We build our applications with the latest Xcode and Android Studio iterations. This helps us efficiently develop and manage the build process. Applications that require a server or database are hosted securely on Amazon’s AWS Cloud Infrastructure.

Native applications are developed specifically for use on a specific platform. This allows us to utilize enhancements and features of operating systems that elevate the user experience of your app.

Benefits of Native Apps
  • Expand Client Reach
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Striking Interactive Platform
  • New Avenues for Customer Interaction
  • Operating System Enhancements
  • Total Support

Fastlane to Market

With experience comes quality results. Let us know your timeline, budget, and needs, and we'll put together a custom proposal that accelerates your app development.


Your app is designed with the expecation your audience will grow. So as you see results, your app can scale with business.

User Friendly

Each app is carefully mapped and designed to have a user friendly interface, encouraging continuous use and interaction from customers.


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FAQ's About Mobile App Development Services

Estimating the cost of hiring a mobile app developer can encompass a variety of factors. The cost may include which platforms your app will be designed for, the intricacy and detail of your app, the uses, the expectant number of start-up users, and more.

Mobile app development services are the services hired for creating a personalized mobile app for your business or brand. If a business or owner is in need of their own app to represent their company, mobile app development services are what they will seek. These will include understanding what platforms the app needs to run on, the intent behind the app, the overall function, and setting a projected idea of users, use, and more.

The cost of developing an app relies on a few different factors. Consider the expectant user-base of your app, how detailed or involved your app needs to be, what different platforms your app needs to run on, the project management surrounding the development, quality assurance reliability, and more.
A mobile app developer can provide iOS or Android development, they can provide cross-platform use if needed, mobile app porting, consults, prototypes, testing, and more. Discuss which solutions your developer offers before beginning your project to understand what services you should be expecting.

Hiring a mobile app developer who will provide you a quality app can be accomplished with a little bit of research and a project discussion with the company before entering into an official contract. Look up or ask about their previous projects, and see if they have worked on a project the size you will need; inquire about their follow-up quality assurance and maintenance, and determine if you will need 24/7 support once your app goes live. Check reviews, ask for testimonials, and be clear about what you need.

Bimeo Digital Solutions does develop and build apps for both iOS and Android. We utilize the latest Xcode and Android Studio iterations to build our applications. Both iOS and Android apps are built user-friendly and with the idea that your user-base will grow.

The team at Bimeo Digital provides responsive support for all of our app developments! If you have questions, concerns, or run into any issues, we are available via email or phone to make sure your app runs smoothly.

Developing a new mobile app can take a few months to closer to a year depending on the complexity of the project. Various factors to consider are platforms, functions, cross-platform use, and more. Consulting directly with your app developer will be the best way to get a realistic time frame of your project.