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PPC Marketing is an important component of any marketing strategy. Professionally managed PPC advertising can result in increased traffic to your company’s website, improved search engine rankings, increased conversions, and driven sales of your products.

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See Immediate Google Search Ranking Improvements with PPC Managment

As your PPC campaign progresses, we will monitor your results closely and pivot to make any needed changes. In order to have a successful PPC marketing campaign and increase your quality score, you need a dedicated management team to monitor and report back. We will constantly be monitoring your conversion goals and will work to improve your results. We love to watch our clients increase their traffic.
Our PPC Program Details
  • Website and landing page analysis 
  • Campaign and ad group setup
  • Conversion goal set-up
  • Develop PPC strategy
  • Keyword research
  • Budget tool set-up
  • Geographical targeting
  • Optimized ad timing
  • Monthly reporting

Consistent Campaign Monitoring

Improved Lead Conversions

Targeted Audiences


PPC Stats

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more conversions are achieved with PPC ads vs organic traffic
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increase in brand awareness is possible with PPC ads
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Pay-Per-Click Account Management Is One Click Away

We are the best PPC agency in Baltimore, working with companies of all sizes and budgets. Whether you are new to PPC or are just looking for new ways to utilize PPC, we are here to help. Bimeo Digital Solutions will set up campaigns that are specific to your business and optimize your Adwords account to maximize your PPC dollars.
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Frequently Asked Questions

PPC Advertising can be complicated to understand when comparing it to other digital marketing techniques. A way to breakdown how PPC marketing works is to know that it stands for Pay-Per-Click advertising. It’s a form of marketing where the advertiser pays a fee each time a user clicks on the ad/link to their website. This is a way of “buying” visitors as opposed to earning them via SEO or other organic methods.


PPC Management services involve a marketing team or company overseeing and managing the PPC advertising aspects for you and your business. At Bimeo Digital Solutions, this includes creating a landing page on your website, doing the keyword research, tracking the success, budgeting appropriately, and more.

PPC and SEO both have different goals and strengths in digital marketing. PPC is best for promoting your business and getting in front of new clients immediately. SEO is a long term strategy focused on developing consistently new clients by ranking naturally at the top of Google search results without the need to pay per clicks.


PPC management involves keyword research, website design, tracking software, a design team, and more. When discussing the cost with your marketing company, you should discuss the number of hours estimated to complete each of these tasks — this will encompass the cost of the PPC management.


PPC Services from a marketing company should cover the process from the initial ad through the final purchase. At Bimeo Digital Solutions, this includes the keyword research to target ads specific to your industry, a landing page on your website, software to track success, and more.

PPC Advertising is appropriate for almost all businesses. As a new business, PPC puts you in front of new customers while you build an organic ranking. If you are in a popular industry, PPC can help promote you above your competitors instantly. If you are in a niche industry, an effective PPC strategy will optimize keywords that promote you to new clients.

PPC Advertising is a popular form of advertising because it promotes results in a short time span as opposed to growing them organically. PPC has a fast turnaround time, however, it does not yield long-lasting results — there is also a fast drop off of new clients once you stop promoting the ads, so it can be important to do a combination of PPC and SEO.