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Catch their eye with professionally designed email marketing campaigns for any business or industry. Boost your client referrals, increase site traffic, and drive revenue with email marketing from Bimeo Digital Solutions. 


Drive Revenue and Improve Referrals with Consistent Email Marketing Campaigns

No matter your business, you have a product, service, or message that you want to provide to your clients and customers. Email Marketing is the most cost-effective way to stay at the forefront of your clients’ minds, remind them of your products, and generate visits to your website or online store.

If you want to be at the forefront of people’s attention spans, sending emails every day or even every week can remind them of your products, services, and is a more personalized way of reaching your audience.

Emails, even business emails and promotional emails, can be personalized to each customer. You have the ability to send photos, updates, emails, alerts about what you are doing in the community, notices about rewards or reviews you have received, and more.

Benefits of Email Marketing
  • Follow-Up with Clients
  • Stay Relevant to Customers
  • Stick to Weekly and Monthly Campaigns
  • Boost Sales, Promotions, and Products
  • Generate Fresh Interest 
Cost Effective
Action Oriented

Backed by Stats

Email Marketing Strategy

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More than 34% of people worldwide utilize email, about 2.5 billion people
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Over 200 billion emails are sent daily
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of small businesses rely on email as their main form of acquiring clients and their primary way of retaining interest
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of customers say they like to receive promotional emails weekly from businesses and brands they like
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of users subscribe to email lists intending to receive coupons, savings, etc.
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Over $40 is produced from email marketing for every $1 spent
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What Our Email Marketing Company Can Do for You

We provide the best email marketing service we can to our clients via understanding your branding, business, industry, products, services, and targeted audiences.

We utilize professional digital marketing experts and professional copywriters so everything from the headline to the images to videos and call to action buttons are made to catch the user’s eye and draw their attention to your topic.

You will begin to see increased traffic, purchases, and more with email marketing through the Bimeo team.

The Sustainability of an Email Marketing Campaign

Although email can feel outdated in a world of social media, email is the one thing almost every online user has. While some people may have Twitter or they may have Facebook, almost everyone utilizes email in some way, especially in their day-to-day routine.

Email marketing also includes tracking how many of your emails are opened, click-throughs, and more. Email marketing campaigns can be personalized to client demographic, and customers’ actions when they are visiting your site. This means your emails can be more personalized for age, gender, pages visited on your site, and more, so the content included is specifically useful to the receivers.

Email has become a staple in everyone’s daily life for communication and messaging. Join the hype by contacting us about email marketing and how it can work specifically for your business. From online retailers to roofers and gym owners, there are ways to utilize email marketing so customers are thinking of you, recommending you, applying your coupons, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Email marketing’s primary purpose is to retain customers and increase referrals for future clients. This is done by continuously updating your dedicated followers and past customers with info on new products, services, sales, and promotional items. 

Email marketing is still one of the most effective digital marketing strategies and investments. Stats show that $40 is made for every $1 spent in email marketing. This is because almost everyone has an email address and checks their email continuously throughout the day.

An email marketing strategy with our Baltimore Email Marketing Agency focuses on your audience, your industry, and your niche services and products. We construct a timeline for regular email blasts that highlight your most in-demand services and promotions that are likely to encourage click-through rates and referrals.

Email marketing is setting up regular email campaigns to deliver regular notices to your subscribers and past customers about your business. Email marketing works by reminding proven customers who have shown an interest in your business about your services, products, and offering them rewards and discounts.

Email marketing agencies in Baltimore handle the logistics, design, and statistical analysis of email marketing campaigns. At Bimeo, we draft the content, outline call-to-actions, set up regular email campaigns, and watch the stats for unsubscribes, opens, website clicks, and more to continually pivot and improve the approach.