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We’re not just tech experts at Bimeo Digital Solutions — we’re passionate designers, writers, and marketers focused on solving the puzzle of the digital landscape.

We invest ourselves fully with every client because we enjoy what we do — driving results, creating a breathtaking digital landscape, optimizing budgets for leads, and out-ranking competitors for successful organic searches.

For everyone on the Bimeo team, we love what we do. It’s what allows us to create long-lasting partnerships with clients. Based in Baltimore, we want to see every business owner succeed, wherever you are. We’ve achieved our dream, let us help you reach yours. 

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Digital Marketing FAQ's

Digital marketing is the combination of various different online marketing efforts, and each package looks different for each client. When considering the cost of digital marketing for your company, ask yourself which of these services you may be interested in: email marketing, pay per click advertising, SEO – Local and/or Organic, Social Media Marketing, and web design. Your digital marketing company will create a package cost for you based on your interests.

Investing in digital marketing for your company can have large financial profit outcomes. Although the cost may seem high at first, the investment returns local sales, an increase in client reach, provides informative content for your website to appeal to users, custom professional ad designs, and more, all of which increases your reputation, visibility, and sales.

You can determine you are working with one of the best digital marketing companies based on a few factors. What you should be receiving is a digital marketing package tailored to your industry and desired outcomes, a communicative team that provides realistic expectations and time frames, and content that is researched and focused on your company and audience.

Any company can benefit from digital marketing. Local companies can increase their presence and reach in their neighborhoods; large companies can receive social media marketing to further their brand and engagement interactions; large companies will be guided to tackling new avenues of SEO, and small companies will be more visible reaching their current clients and acquiring new ones.

Digital marketing agencies can handle various tasks based on what your needs are. An experienced digital marketing agency can: design and send timely email blasts; manage and optimize your SEO; increase your Local SEO in your city, county, or state; provide timely content for your social media and social media ad management; design and implement pay per click advertising; design you a mobile-friendly website; and more.

What you should be expecting from a digital marketing agency is clear and informative communication, content tailored to your business and industry, realistic expectations about results based on the digital marketing you want to focus on, and flexible planning based on implementing new strategies to keep up with trends.

A digital marketing strategy varies from client to client based on their focus, but the overall idea is that an effective digital marketing strategy will increase your presence online. This can be in search results, in advertising locations, on apps and social media, or by simply increasing the content and design of your website. A well planned and executed digital marketing strategy will also increase your client reach, whether from social media, search results, or advertising.

Digital marketing platforms are the different software and companies that a digital marketing agency will utilize to optimize their digital marketing efforts. These can include keyword research and analytics software, social media analytics and posters, content creation and review software, and audience and visitor tracking, among many others.